Reece Wallace

Reece Wallace

Reporter, Social Sciences and Business & Economics

Reece Wallace, based in Houston, Texas, covers Business & Economics and Social Sciences for The Academic Times. He holds a master's degree from the University of Chicago and a BA from Tufts University.

Particular cultural values are correlated with widespread belief in conspiracy theories, new research shows, posing a challenge for countries and governments struggling to combat the influence of such ideas.

White and Black Americans’ different judgments on the facts and circumstances of police shootings are best explained by each group’s preexisting beliefs concerning police bias and the likely culpability of victims, new research concluded, exposing thorny obstacles in the quest to build civic trust among social groups and the institutions sworn to protect them.

Contrary to the widespread belief that many or most citizens reward elected officials for their shows of opposition to political foes, new evidence suggests that Americans still prefer representation by leaders they believe share their policy views and are responsive to their constituents.

Loan programs administered by the International Monetary Fund increase income inequality in the countries that are recipients of them, according to recent research, a finding that calls the organization’s commitment to goals including sustainable development and poverty reduction into question.